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Mobile classroom

eLearning and Videoconferencing:

NOVA presents the virtual class-room in a new dimension and quality!

The core is the NOVA Syncobox (PCT pending). With Syncobox, virtual class-rooms can be set up in a simple and easy-to-use way not known before. For the first time there is a solution available for sessions limited in time and supportable from the economic point of view, especially for applications like in-house training or the training of grown-ups.

Typical examples:

- tele-supported machinery
- private language studies
- in-house communicaton

privates Sprachstudium
Die NOVA Syncobox

Telesupport Maschinen

innerbetriebliche Kummunikation

NOVA NMW the one-stop eLearning solution:

NOVA designs, supplies and installs everything you need for a perfect eLearning solution (apart from content). Whether stress is laid on teacher-supported training (in the phase of tele-learning requiring „presence“) or learning-platforms are chosen or already used, whether ready-to-use content is already existing or discussion-forums are to be put on disposal (typical of in-house communication) - Syncobox is the plug-in solution.
Also, for instance, for the setup of „mixed“ learning-environments: for example, 8 participants and their teacher sit in a NOVA NMW laboratory, 12 participants are connected via Syncobox.
Mobile teacher’s equipments are also possible.

Elegant handling of communication with the user surface MultiDidac eL:

The teacher surveys and controls actively who takes part in a session, who puts a question, who works with which sort of content, what kinds of media are used at what time; he can set up a mix of media, share applications and so on. „Blended learning“ at it’s best, real and not just a slogan.
Kontrolloberfläche am Dozentenrechner

eLearning at the participant’s side:

Plug the Syncobox into the ISDN- or DSL connexion, switch it on. Press the button “Online” - and you are connected with your course, you can put questions as if you were on the spot. Don’t care about authentication and dialling – they are part of the product, as well as content. You can’t set up a virtual class-room more easily. Language studies? Connect the NOVA NMW student’s box to the Syncobox, and you dispose of a double-track language recorder. The result: wwll - WorldWideLanguageLab..
eLearning auf der Teilnehmer-Seite

NOVA can offer eLearning all inclusive:

For the Teacher:

Starting with a basic equipment for the teacher’s place of the virtual class-room with writing on the board, camera, teacher’s camera, adding further media sources, white board, up to the complete multi-media studio, including media data bases, including all processing-tools.

For the Hosting of the Content:

Designing and installing of the hosting needed, starting with simple solutions on a rental base, up to a server-farm.

For the Participant:

The complete handling of the Syncoboxes, including the installation of the pre-fabricated content –for which accordingly there is no longer the need of downloading – as well as the shipping, hotline, support and the collecting of the boxes no longer needed at the end of the sessions.
Whenever, wherever and how ever eLearning is to take place in the virtual class-room:
NOVA is able to supply the tailor-made solution.


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